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Elvoron lifts feature an electric, oil-hydraulic double acting in shaft, lift system requiring minimal pit and head room making it ideal for residential and light commercial applications. Elvoron lifts ascend up to 15 metres, with up to 6 stops and have submersed hydraulic pump and motor to ensure quiet operation.

Two speed hydraulic control valve provides the lifts with smooth comfortable stopping and starting.T here are three standard car sizes for Elvoron HR range of Vertical lifts and a larger 1400x1400 LULA model offering code compliance with NZ4121/22.

LULA limited use limited application elevators

Garaventa Vertical lifts

Garaventa Vertical lifts

LULA lifts: limited use limited application elevators

The Elvoron LU/LA is a limited use limited application elevator designed for low rise and low occupancy buildings. It is fully automatic in operation and is very similar in look and feel to larger commercial elevators. The Elvoron LU/LA provides vertical access for everyone, including able bodied passengers, persons with disabilities and even children in push chairs. This compact elevator can also be used in luxury residential applications where the characteristics of a commercial elevator are desired.

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