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H.E. Lifts have a range of Alimak Industrial lifts for sale

ALIMAK specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of industrial lifts and construction hoists - rack and pinion driven construction hoists, special purpose lifts plus goods and passenger lifts. ALIMAK lifts have been used in many of the most prestigious high rise projects around the world, and on most of the world's major bridge projects.

Specifications of Alimak Lifts:
• The drive motor(s) come fitted on top of the car along with brake and safety gear so no machine room is required
• Standard hoists can carry men and materials, or materials only, from 400kg - 4,500kg per cage; cage floor sizes are from 1.5 - 16 m2
• Speed from 28 - 100m per minute using direct online or stepless high speed drive options
• Installation can be of single or twin masts or twin cages on one mast

Alimak Industrial lifts for sale

Alimak Lifts are supplied as a modular system of components to enable tailor-made units to suit customer requirements. Lift components include a variety of standard mast sections, cages, landing doors, ground enclosures, electrical components and control systems. The hoist tower is erected from the roof of the cage by progressively bolting together mast sections. Lifts can be erected with or without the vertical pipe system which carries the landing equipment and one end of the walkways.

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